Social intranets, networks and solutions all refer to business user-driven environments using technologies that are similar to ones used on the web for personal reasons such as Facebook or Linkedin. In this regard social is primarily used only within the context of work. These type of networks tend to succeed largely through continuous business contribution and input. Microsoft offers Yammer® as a cloud-hosted service and is available whether you are on premise or using SharePoint Online as part of Office 365. Yammer is very accessible to supplement and socialise your intranet and extranet environments and add a dynamic element to more traditional, semi-static content publication.

Social intranets are extremely applicable when building knowledge and research solutions as well as excellent for collaboration at departmental, divisional, regional and product levels. As Yammer is hosted externally to your organisation it is a perfect way of building intuitive, collaborative extranets to work with joint ventures, partners and trusted external parties.

Morgan & Wolfe provides an easy two-step process to facilitate your social intranet solution:

Step 1 – Morgan & Wolfe configures the Yammer networks that map to your organisation collaborative groups and communities

Step 2 – Morgan & Wolfe configures your SharePoint intranet to embed Yammer group feeds in the appropriate areas