• Our Ethos

Business comes first. No technology, however great, exists for its own sake or without the key business drivers that bring identifiable business value. Furthermore, we believe technology should be addressed and described where possible using jargon-free, plain English.

  • Our Principles

Commoditized, pre-built services, high-adoption and business audience satisfaction are at the centre of what we believe matters most. To define deliver your prioritized business program fast within a larger scalable business services framework which will provide the greatest business value, alignment and benefits from your technology investment.

  • Our Vision

High SharePoint and Office 365 business adoption through our complete suite of pre-built intranet/extranet services on the SharePoint platform or Office 365. We are working to ensure as many organisations as possible succeed in their business by understanding and harnessing the extensive business value of O365 and SharePoint quickly and easily and far more extensively than at present. Combining the SALEM® services framework with our unique CBC® solution demonstrates the truly scalable and unparalleled business services landscape for the future.

  • Our Mission

De facto standards and pre-packaged services. To provide a high-value business intranet/extranet solution suite available immediately that meets organisational priorities and drives effective business adoption and to drive down the cost of professional, evergreen SharePoint solutions.

  • Our Values

Simple – best value and top quality. The highest quality consultants, product design and service delivery providing subject matter expertise that lasts a lifetime and helps build and support substantial successful businesses in Public Sector, Manufacturing, Utility, Oil & Gas and Engineering sectors worldwide.