Manufacturing & Engineering

CBC® has been designed to meet the requirements of Manufacturing and Engineering industries. Pleasing interfaces are important but there is also a job to be done – accessing and managing critical information.

Both our SALEM® (Sequenced & Logical Enterprise Methodology) service framework and our complete CBC® packaged business centre solution are driven by project-based structure, data aggregation, internal knowledge sharing, joint venture collaboration, workflow processing, management and executive reporting and business intelligence requirements – all fundamental, if not critical to the underpinning of all successful engineering project environments.

Manufacturing and Engineering companies are process-orientated by design. Supporting brand delivery to market is critical, supported by and adherence to strict compliance and approval mechanisms. Once again, agility for expansion and scale on demand can be fundamental to operational success. To provide a foundation for growth areas such as active brand, aggregated real-time business intelligence and data reporting to management teams with fast, accurate information sharing are all critical to the effective ability to support development and brand growth. Using the latest SharePoint functionality, CBC® also includes a technical drawing centre for Visio content as standard.

Quality assurance, strength in the market, competitive edge and managing risk remain key for the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Producing, publishing and communicating accurate data to a wide range of operational teams is paramount. In turn, using accurate reports and being able to react quickly is therefore essential to operational success. Furthermore, business-critical data, identified, classified and presented in multiple, secure and consumable formats is fundamental. All these factors, presented logically through the SharePoint platform using our industry-aligned, proven CBC® information architecture is where we excel.

Government & Public Sector

The demands on Government and Public Sector industries have never been higher. Central Government Agencies and departments, Local Authorities and Public Service institutions including Fire, Ambulance, Rescue and Police services face real issues deploying state-of-the-art, integrated, information systems at a price point that is both highly affordable, quick to deploy and as risk-free as possible. From budget constraints, leveraging the greatest value-for-money to meeting increasing citizen demands, it has never been more important to put in place the right information management services into public sector organisations. This is where CBC® offers the sensible approach.

In today’s market, bespoke SharePoint services no longer make sense where investing in an unseen business solution, the risks of failure are simply too great and the incurred costs too high. Paying months in advance for an untested solution offers the greatest risk.

Morgan & Wolfe prides itself on having a true understanding of Public Sector challenges through its own origins. From being a Public Sector Microsoft customer, leading the earliest and largest UK Public Sector deployment of SharePoint (driving multiple Microsoft worldwide Public Sector case studies) through to the first integrated Microsoft government deployment of multiple technologies into a central Government department, we have distilled our relevant experience into our complete, turnkey solution. In short, we have done the thinking for you and then proven it.

Today, CBC® de-risks the entire process by providing each Public Sector organisation a complete, customisable, commercially-proven, enterprise-class information solution that is delivered up-front in days rather than months. Combining the very best in design-driven, flexible, scalable services built using the very latest SharePoint version, CBC® solutions are now the logical choice for those in the know. All this at a highly competitive, Public Sector price-point means that attempting to build in-house or employing an expensive contractor to build something risky no longer needs to be part of the plan.

Morgan & Wolfe is an accredited G-Cloud 7 supplier of CBC® as software as a service. This means our solution is available directly to all Government bodies using the Government Digital Marketplace.