Morgan & Wolfe not only offers excellent SharePoint business solutions but also a range of key Gold Partner services including migration of content and of legacy applications.

For content migration, M&W provides both the software migration tools and migration consultants who will analyse your existing content, map rationalised content to new SharePoint intranet locations, then use professional migration tools to ensure that your content is positioned correctly in its new context with new meta data applied.

For application migration, the M&W migration team will analyse your current applications in situ and rationalise what is required to move them to their new location in the latest version of SharePoint. Legacy applications will then be transported across or replacement solutions will be designed, tested and installed. The M&W policy is to use clever, supportable configuration of SharePoint features in most circumstances rather than extraneous coding.

All migration work is time-based and therefore the cost will depend on each unique scenario. Get in touch to discuss your requirements at or call us on 0207 788 9445.

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