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Morgan & Wolfe is an international Microsoft Gold Partner with one of the strongest, proven SharePoint track records in the industry. With an excellent portfolio of strategic SharePoint engagements across multiple business sectors, we provide key differentiation in the field of business collaboration. As we continue to be the thought-leaders in SharePoint business strategy, our approach is unparalleled in its comprehensive nature. It is for this reason that Microsoft chooses to select Morgan & Wolfe for many of its premier strategic accounts.

Morgan & Wolfe works closely with Microsoft sales managers and account teams across business verticals and is also a partner of choice to represent Microsoft as the keynote speaker at various industry events. We are also trained and certified Microsoft sales solution experts.

What Microsoft says about Morgan & Wolfe expertise in SharePoint..

“Their unique SALEM® framework is critical for us to scale to meet effective professional growth in all industry sectors.” Tim Moore, Enterprise Account Manager, Microsoft

“It is really exciting to see a completely different approach to SharePoint both in terms of what it can do, and how we can plan the use of it and drive adoption.” Lewis Turek, Business Productivity Sales Specialist, Microsoft

“I have worked with and introduced the SALEM® methodology to a range of customers who ALL found value in it. Typically SharePoint is not well understood with regards to how the breadth of what the platform is capable of can be harnessed and it’s not uncommon for deployments to be isolated solutions within the IT department. The SALEM® approach makes SharePoint extremely compelling to business leaders and we have driven and secured Enterprise Agreements with workshops delivered by the SALEM™ framework.” Ceri Morris, Consultant Cloud Services Lead for Public Sector, Microsoft

“I’d encourage you to continue your work here, as there is clearly demand.” Jared Spataro, Senior Director, SharePoint Product Management, Microsoft

“Thank you for all of your fantastic sessions with my customers, you certainly taught me a thing or two!” Holly Howson, Solution Sales Professional, Microsoft

“We worked with Morgan & Wolfe on multiple occasions over the past year. Their approach has been universally well received by our customers, and they have been instrumental in making a number of customers take a different view of the way that they are approaching their communication and collaboration strategy. In my opinion, the SALEM® methodology helps customers to simplify their approach, to what can be a complex situation, and therefore achieve faster, better targeted results.” Greg Walker, Head of Manufacturing, Utilities and Resources, Microsoft

“Customers are always looking for structure and guidance to maximize their investment in SharePoint and are using it for everything from content/records management, project management through to complex LOB applications – their SALEM® framework provides that strategy and process, and feedback has always been positive from customers that I have met.” Mark Johnston, Senior Product Manager, Office Division, Microsoft

“I have worked with the SALEM® framework a number of times on my accounts, I believe it brings clarity to customers’ SharePoint Strategies & implementation planning which ultimately drives up the success rate of the SharePoint deployment and most importantly the ROI/value the customer receives.” David Prince, Business Manager, Microsoft