Morgan & Wolfe offers you SharePoint design services as part of our customized and bespoke solutions approach. Straight out of the box, SharePoint does not look too appealing and is often described as clunky. Yet many organisations needlessly struggle or make-do with a very basic design when it is possible to be working with a highly professional, consistent branded design within days.

Organisational identity is frequently reinforced through visual brand and style guidelines. It is also increasingly important for business users to work with a professionally designed interface which has visual appeal with clean, uncluttered pages easily usable across multiple browsers and portable devices. Whether it be simply designed templates or an entire corporate intranet, Morgan & Wolfe will provide you with a professional SharePoint design that meets your requirements.

  1. Use our professionally designed CBC® intranet design immediately or..
  2. Request our customization service for design changes in a few days or..
  3. Request a complete bespoke look and feel for your new intranet

All of the pre-packaged modular intranet solutions offered by Morgan & Wolfe are already designed to be engaging and offer our clients a professional, corporate user interface which is easily customizable in terms of colour and logo changes.

CBC Design