Collaborative Business Centre is Morgan and Wolfe’s unique, packaged digital workplace solution designed for both on-premise and Microsoft cloud environments. Installed and business-ready for an organisation of any size in days, the solution is currently in use in national, international and global organisations as a SaaS service across many sectors.

CBC® brings together the very best services available through Microsoft collaborative software to define a rich digital workplace experience. The key to CBC success is its scalability, flexibility and speed of deployment – all of which have been proven time and again in large corporate environments.

Designed for both the Microsoft cloud and on-premise scenarios, CBC® is defined on the principles and security model of Morgan and Wolfe’s unique SALEM® services framework.

With thousands of business users worldwide, our collaborative business centre solution has repeatedly proven itself and has provided the perfect platform for organisations to build business success.

Organisations leveraging CBC® in recent years include Merson Group, GPS Food Group, Novomatic Lottery Solutions, Access World, Robertson Group, Stock Spirits Group and Turning Point.