CBC Outlook 2

CBC® is designed to seamlessly integrate with all core Office apps including Outlook. After all, that’s where we all spend so much time working. There are so many levels of integration with Outlook that your users never need to feel they are working in different products.

First of all any of the CBC® collaborative sites can have its own mailbox so that you can mail a group or team and keep all mails and attachments together. These mailboxes can be accessed directly from your Outlook inbox as long as you are a member of that team. That is very handy.

Groups allows you to collaborate directly from your inbox and we have provided a useful video to explain how it all works.

The possibilities of using CBC® SharePoint calendars linked to and visible from your Outlook calendar tab offer are endless and you will discover that we provide you with a group calendar that auto aggregates events from your departmental calendars for a quick view of what is happening in your organisation.

Finally, your Outlook inbox allows you to action CBC® workflows for feedback and approvals as well as allowing you to easily manage alerts on items of interest. Today working with SharePoint and Outlook together via CBC® could not be simpler.