Successful intranets are a composition of distinct, clearly-defined and delineated business services, integrated and cohesive through a uniform and logical information architecture. We have taken care of the information architecture and built a series of intranet business services so that you don’t have to. We have designed each fully-featured, expertly-designed service to stand alone as well as to sit alongside other services. This is what we mean by modular CBC®. By selecting CBC® you gain from the ever-increasing range of enhanced services we include via the CBC® solution package. All this and delivered with no server-side code or heavy maintenance overheads to worry about. This is why CBC® is a world-class intranet solution for your organisation, delivered in days.

Our flexible, modular approach uniquely allows your organisation to grow comfortably without a major change programme or large scale investment. For example your organisation may wish to start with a group news and communications, or a project centre solution or perhaps a team-based collaboration solution and release other services later to suit your priorities.

CBC® offers your users our unique, intuitive easy-navigation and is professionally branded and styled to provide to aid drive adoption in the office and on the move through the latest responsive design. CBC® intranets are designed for easy adoption and administration without the steep learning curve that typically comes with SharePoint. Your organisational structure is of course fully represented in CBC® and all our services are designed with security of your team content and delegated administration in mind.



News & Internal Comms

Complete communication solution with categorised news, news alerts and dynamic distributed news features.


Human Resources

Solutions for employees, surveys, on-boarding new starters, policies and even employee travel are all provided as standard.


Leadership & Execs

Leadership teams have their own centre for collaboration, knowledge sharing, management reporting and executive content publication.


Publication Centres

CBC® provides you with the complete solution for easy content approval and publication to build a rich and engaging intranet.


Group Collaboration

Structured and secure group working is at the heart of ever CBC® installation and can be scaled easily across your organisation.


Partner Coalition

Extranet services are provided via the CBC® Partner solution for effective and secure external team collaboration.


Knowledge Centres

The CBC® Knowledge solution facilitates pan-organisation expertise topic groups for knowledge sharing, all fully searchable.


Project Reporting

Your project teams can now manage information and provide status updates with ease via our CBC® project and topic centres.


Policy & Compliance

CBC® provides records, document compliance, audit and policy publication solutions as part of your intranet package.