CBC® is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, now also frequently referred to as IaaS (Intranet as a Service). Once we have captured your key organisational information and decisions through our comprehensive CBC® pre-installation process your unique installation commences. Within days your site structure and services are installed and configured. You will receive regular reports from your CBC® installation lead as they make progress. By the third week your CBC® intranet will be ready for your own administrator testing and sign-off. Yes it really is that quick and easy. No time-consuming project planning, no nasty surprises, no risky overruns, no major business time impact and no numerous requirements gathering workshops are incurred. Instead CBC® offers you a full-proof installation and delivery process that is proven to work and succeed time and again.

All SharePoint intranets require administration, whether it is central or delegated. As part of the installation process your own organisation administrator will perform a range of tests as part of our standard knowledge-transfer process before being provided with personal training to administer CBC®. If you are unsure about your future administrative strategy we will advise you as to what would work best for your organisation. Finally, we also offer administrator video content filmed using your new CBC® intranet as an optional service to ensure that your administrator finds their role as easy as possible. As you can see, we have thought of everything.