Finally…a true cloud intranet and extranet solution designed for Office 365. CBC® is a modular, intranet and extranet solution with collaboration, knowledge hubs and social, all cleverly structured into a single, integrated business solution. Morgan & Wolfe originated the term ‘business centre’ to describe all these combined services. After all, CBC® is a one-stop-shop for your business users to access the latest versions of a multitude of approved business information. As CBC® can easily be installed into the Microsoft cloud your users are liberated from the constraints of desk-working and can be productive in the office, on customer premises, on the train, in a home office, in fact anywhere.

CBC® is designed with business user adoption in mind. Easy navigation, logical location of information, secure information architecture, a search service that works, graphics that inspire and the ability to share and consume information on the go are all critical components of a modern business information solution. Today with the power of the Microsoft cloud and the very latest Microsoft technologies, a fully integrated SharePoint business information solution is a reality and at a price point that is affordable for any organisation, small or large.

You will be up and running with a complete, enterprise-class solution within 15 business days, seamlessly integrating with the many other Office 365 services. CBC® is SharePoint de-risked, pre-packaged, yet fully scalable and customisable. CBC® saves you months of requirements-gathering and iterative testing and ensures that success is guaranteed from day one.

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