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25 years of business & technology leadership, experience and expertise


From SharePoint business sponsors to Gold Partner founders, we have walked in your shoes and want to enable you to succeed.

We have been working at the leading edge of technology since early 1990 and have been working extensively with enterprise corporate, collaborative and document technologies since 1992. The history of Morgan & Wolfe and SharePoint dates back to the early 2000s with some of the earliest Microsoft worldwide case studies on major SharePoint deployments. Taking this together with the unique SALEM® business framework for SharePoint originating from our work in 2003, today we are a truly original international company with over a decade of total SharePoint lifecycle business strategy & solution delivery.

Today we primarily choose to specialise in the Engineering, Manufacturing and Public sectors as our extensive experience at board level and through our certified architect teams aligns perfectly with the challenges and solution requirements so often found within these business verticals. However we also work in many other business verticals offering SharePoint solutions. Our modular, turnkey CBC® solution is perfect for all industry sectors. Whether your organisation is a small, medium or international venture in these fields we will empower your business quickly and efficiently with our specialist SharePoint business solutions.

Morgan & Wolfe Limited is a company of the United Kingdom (Company Registration 8112338), based in West Sussex and Berkshire, UK and an official, Gold Partner of the Microsoft Corporation.

our advantages

Complete business alignment with a jargon-free approach

We have fully tried, tested and very successful intranet solutions backed by a proven track-record in professional intranet delivery to national and international organisations. As our SharePoint intranets are expertly installed so you can be certain that you are in safe hands.



CBC® is an intranet solution tailored, installed and configured to your needs within days.



Our solutions are in daily use with thousands of business users worldwide.


Value for Money

Our packaged services offer world-class solutions at a fraction of the price of bespoke.

Our client satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Our business solutions are already tested, packaged and ready to go

No risks and no waiting because our complete, enterprise-class, professional intranets are delivered within days!

Morgan & Wolfe Limited

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