CBC® (Collaborative Business Centres) is an entirely unique and highly successful product solution offering you a complete collaborative SharePoint intranet/extranet solution in Office 365 or on-premise fully-installed in 15 business days. CBC® is a package of professionally-designed, built and tested, modular, fully-configurable, entirely scalable and customisable intranet service solutions that combine to provide your organisation with a fully-structured, easily adoptable, professional business intranet. CBC® is installed and delivered as a licensed SaaS service.

Once deployed, you are able to scale, grow, change, modify and adapt your CBC® intranet in-house to meet business requirements unhindered. As a key principle, Morgan & Wolfe does not deploy server side code, hidden code or locked code. When your license expires you may retain your solution in situ but lose the benefits of Morgan & Wolfe Gold Partner updates and support.

With CBC® your team can focus on adding rich content and leveraging the many benefits that SharePoint offers, straight out of the box, but now professionally designed and business-ready. CBC® is designed to integrate fully with the wider Microsoft portfolio such as Office, Delve, Yammer, Power BI and CRM. CBC® is also of course fully mobile compatible.